Cornerlaying stone in TIDZ Strumica

On 21st.sep,2013 with cornerlaying stone ceremony was marked the start  of instrastructural  building of TIDZ” Strumica “which is one of the nine until now established  in Macedonia.
TIDZ”Strumica”has total area of 25ha,and it is located on 5okm from the border with Greece ‘’Bogorodica”,and on distance of 23km from border to Bulgaria-Novo Selo.To be the infrastructure comleted there are planned 300m.mkd ,for  traffic communication ,water installation,sewage system,electricity network ,telekomunication infrastructure,and lightening inside the zone .With acomlishing of this infrastructure,TIDZ’’Strumica’’will be functional  entirety,and will become welcoming  to all potentional  investors who has intention to invest in this region,sayed Primeminister Nikola Gruevski.
Opening new capacitys,means opening many new working places for young peoples from all this region.
TIDZs CEO Mr Viktor Mizo has underlined that constraction of TIDZ ‘’Strumica” together with the others TIDZ’s  which already existing  in Macedonia, is realization of the Macedonian Govrnment vision for construction of the Zones with completely builted and developed  infrastructure which will be able to offer all needed conditions and favourabilities to the producers.