The foundation stone was laid near the village of Sarakino in Tetovo for the construction of the infrastructure of the fourth technological industrial development zone.
The surface area of the zone is expected to be 95 hectares and to include 27 blocks, which will enable the construction of manufacturing, distribution, and servicing plants.
This allows for the possibility of employing 7000 people. With this goal in mind, €5.5 million is expected to be invested towards the first phase of construction.
The Directorate for the Technological Industrial Development Zones will see the project through to realization.
“The location of the zone was carefully selected to provide optimal conditions for a quick connection to the current infrastructure, along with rapid construction and functionality of the zone itself”, said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in his opening speech.
The Prime Minister continued to address the public and summarized the advantages of the TIDZ Tetovo: connection to the Skopje – Tetovo highway, close proximity to the airport in Skopje, and the opportunity to connect to the gas system which is also planned for construction.
After the development zones Skopje 1, 2, and Stip, this is the fourth zone that the Government is building.