The foundation stone of Tehnological industrian Development Zone in Kichevo was laid in the region called Srbjani.
The total surface area of TIDZ Kichevo is 29 hectares and will be built in two phases.
The good strategic position of the Zone, as well as additional access road that is planned to connect TIDZ with the regional road from Kicevo to Makedonski Brod, will ensure foreign investors to make their decision to start production in TIDZ Kicevo.
Building of TIDZ Kichevo will create need of opening new working places and support many young students studying in Kicevo universities to be employed in the factories that will operate in this Zone, said Prime Minister Gruevski.
CEO of the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones, Mr. Viktor Mizo, said that TIDZ Kicevo will be built according to the standards set up for all TIDZs in Macedonia including TIDZs Skopje 1 and Skopje 2 which were ranked by the fDi Magazine among the top 50 Free Zones of the Future 2012/2013 in competition of more than 600 Free Zones in the World.
TIDZ Kichevo, is fifth from 11 TIDZs which are planned to be built and are integrated in the Governmental Program for Economic Development and Attracting FDIs.