What are the Technological Industrial Development Zones (TIDZs)?

The Technological Industrial Development Zone is a free zone in terms of the customs and tax laws. The Technological Industrial Development Zone (TIDZ) is part of the customs area of theterritory of the Republic of Macedonia, separated from the remaining part of the customs area, being a separately fenced and marked area representing a functional entity in which activities are performed under the terms and conditions prescribed by the Free Zones Law and other applicable laws in which the customs and tax incentives determined by the Free Zones Law and other laws apply. The Technological Industrial Development Zone is established with the aim of developing highly propulsive and modern technologies by introducing economically profitable production and efficient utilization of the resources by applying the highest environmental standards.

How do I register a company and how long does it take?

You can register a company in Macedonia by visiting a single counter and addressing a single employee. Registering a business takes only 2 hours.

Are the benefits, outlined in the Free Zones Law, available to companies established outside of the free zones?

The benefits provided according to the Free Zones Law are reserved exclusively for companies operating within the free zone boundaries.

Can I transfer my money out of the country freely?

Yes. The authorities impose no restrictions on the movement of capital.

Is movement within the free zones controlled?

The entrance, movement, and exiting within the free zones is controlled by security officials from the Free Zones Authority and by Customs officials located in the free zones.

Where do Customs formalities take place while goods are being imported and exported within the free zones?

All Customs formalities on goods imported and exported within the free zones, are performed within the zones which prevents transport vehicles from being stopped at border points.

Where is the Customs office located in the Skopje 1 Free Zone?

The Customs office is located in the Administrative building next to the main gate.

What documents are required for entry or exit of goods?

For the movement of goods for final consumption an entry/exit of goods form must be completed and submitted. The form is available on our website, in the Forms section of our homepage, or it may be completed at the main entrance of the free zone.

How do I bring in business visitors?

Visitors must be announced in advance. The Free Zones Authority will aid your visitor in obtaining an entry pass.

How do I find the right Macedonian staff for my business?

Numerous HR companies and recruitment agencies operate in Macedonia. The Free Zones Authority can provide useful contacts upon request.

Who can I work with to train staff?

Macedonian universities are open and willing to collaborate with incoming investors, meeting their particular skills needs by co-creating and implementing customized training programs. The Free Zones Authority can provide appropriate contacts. Additionally, training programs can be implemented through HR and training agencies.

Can foreigners be employed in companies that operate in the free zones?

You are free to hire staff from any country.

Is my staff allowed to use private transportation for movement within the free zone?

Upon request by the user of the free zone, the Free Zones Authority issues an annual Legitimization Card for movement of vehicles within the zone.