Germany’s Accomplast Builds a Factory in Prilep

German company Accomplast launched construction of a new plant in the Prilep free zone.

Accomplast is investing €3 million in the plant for plastic injection moulding of car parts, for comapniessuch as Daimler, BMW, Audi, Bentley and Jaguar. The project is expected to open 250 jobs.

Ines Andre, Manager of Accomplast, said the decision to invest in Prilep was made as a result of the business terms offered, qualified work force, and the Government’s readiness for cooperation. Speaking in Macedonian, Andre said in May of 2014 Accomplast received initial information regarding the possibilities of investing in Macedonia that prompted the company soon afterwards to establish ‘Injection Moulding Prilep’, namely in March of 2015.

Frank Michaelis, Manager of ‘Injection Holding Prilep’, stated that the main reason for a German company to invest in Macedonia was the ties between the two countries. Twin city partnerships between Skopje-Dresden and Skopje-Nuremberg are not only proof of the Macedonian-­German friendship, but also of the continously advancing economic cooperation between the two countries, he added.

Accomplast produces technologies based on plastic injection moulding, state-of-the-art surface finishing and fully automatic assembly systems. The German company has two subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and an offshoot in Ukraine.