Germany’s Technical Textiles Opens Plant in Stip

On Wednesday, German woven fabrics producer Technical Textiles opened a plant in the Stip free zone, an investment worth €15 million.

The plant will be engaged in the production of industrial woven fabrics – insulating materials for construction, automotive, and aerospace industries. A thousand new jobs are expected to be created in the factory in the future.

Owner of Technical Textiles, Jenson Vandland, said construction of the plant took 14 months.

“In May of last year I was on a plane to Abu Dhabi to sign a contract to build a new production hall, i.e. this one where we are now was planned to be built in Abu Dhabi. Then in an economic magazine I read a small article on Macedonia. Good investment opportunities were offered. That’s why I decided to change flights and go to Macedonia to be informed on the details of investing in your country. There were other countries that offered subsidies from the European Union or other large financial support. But Macedonia, among other things, offers many motivated workers, many potential collaborators, strong municipal and state support, and much more. And this makes Macedonia very interesting for us”, Vandland said.