Macedonia Ranks Third in Site Selection’s Greenfield Projects per Capita in Eastern Europe

Globally renowned magazine “Site Selection” has ranked Macedonia third in greenfield projects per capita and seventh in total greenfield projects in Eastern Europe.

“Site Selection has conducted an analysis based on the most competitive destinations for attraction of greenfield investments in 2015, based on the number of companies that launched their projects. In the Eastern Europe section, Macedonia is ranked seventh according to the number of total greenfield projects, as well as third regarding greenfield projects per capita, with the Czech Republic and Hungary topping the list”, said Free Zones Authority CEO, Viktor Mizo.

According to him, the rankings acknowledge the country”s efforts and activities in recent years. “This will have an effect on companies who plan to invest in Eastern Europe, putting Macedonia higher on their investment map”, stressed Mizo.\r\n\r\nThe eighth annual Global Best to Invest Awards are based in part on capital investment into facilities in each country (total projects and per capita projects), as compiled by the Conway Projects Database.

Qualifying projects are corporate investments that contribute to the well-being of the areas in which they are made by meeting at least one of the following three criteria – represent a minimum investment of US$1 million, create a minimum of 20 new jobs, involve at least 1,900 m2 of new space.