The Macedonian Free Zones Authority signed a memorandum of cooperation with the World Free Zones Organization.

“I am very satisfied with what has been done in the free zones and the relationship you have with investors. This is all due to good governmental policies and the good work of the management team of the zones. My experience tells me that you are on the right path” said Nika Manukova, Regional Manager for Europe, CIS, Iran and Turkey of the World Free Zones Organization after signing the memorandum of cooperation.

Manukova visited the Skopje, Struga and Tetovo free zones in the past three days, and held talks with managers of Johnson Matthey, Van Hool, KSS, Kostal and ENS Electric, who presented their experiences of working in Macedonia.

She stated that it was wise practice that the free zones were not concentrated only in Skopje, but throughout the country, and stressed that the quality of the products produced in areas in Macedonia were on par with international standards.

Viktor Mizo, CEO of the Free Zones Authority, emphasized that Macedonia’s accession to the World Free Zones Organization would further cooperation between companies located in Macedonia’s free zones with companies located in free zones around the world, and ultimately expand their network of suppliers.

“Our Membership will directly affect the transfer of knowledge and information regarding how free zones operate around the world, how to improve the process of attracting investors, as well as the servicing of existing investors. Through this membership, Macedonia will further be promoted as a potential investment destination”, said Mizo.

The World Free Zones Organization currently has 252 members from 47 countries, and 2,500 free zones throughout the world.