After Singapore and Japan the Government road shows continued to Belgium and the Netherlands. Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, along with Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Vladimir Pesevski, Minister for Foreign Investments Vele Samak and CEO of the Directorate of Technological Industrial Development Zones Viktor Mizo, presented in Brussels and Hague the opportunities Macedonia has been offering for doing business.

The event, titled Macedonia-Belgium Business Forum, was focused on the spheres that offer room for cooperation. Addressing the event, Gruevski elaborated the favorable conditions for investing in Macedonia, as an attractive business destination.

The CEO of the Directorate of Technological Industrial Development Zones, Mr. Viktor Mizo and the other members of the Macedonian economic governmental delegation presented the achievements of Macedonian economy, the benefits of investing in the country in general, and in the Technological-Industrial Development Zones in particular, as well as the potentials for investing in the target sectors.

Belgian investors were invited to visit Macedonia and exercise the benefits it was offering for realization of their business plans.

About 70 companies attended the business forum in the Hague and many of them expressed serious interest to invest in Macedonia.

Government’s team was satisfied with the results of business forums and interest of foreign companies to invest in Macedonia.

“These road shows are useful, as many people hear about Macedonia and the business opportunities it has been offering for the first time. Some of them are shocked in the positive sense of the word from the favorable conditions for doing business in Macedonia. We respond to all of those asking for meetings, being completely open and granting direct access to the authorities – this is the reason of my presence – to send a message that not only some institutions, but also government members and the prime minister are interested in helping foreign investors to come to Macedonia,” Gruevski said.