ODW Elektrik Begins Plant Construction in Ohrid-Struga

The German wire harness company ODW Elektrik will invest €15 million in building a new factory in the Ohrid/Struga free zone, and will hire 1,000 employees.

The company’s owners, Christian Wise and Andrea Med, Executive Director Ludwig Bathon, and Director of the Free Zones Authority, Viktor Mizo, signed the agreement for a factory building.

After ODW Elektrik’sdecision to invest in Macedonia in April 2014, it began a trial production at the existing facilities in Ohrid, and have thus far employed 100 people. The company plans to hire 150 people until the end of the year, followed by a phased realization of the announced 1,000 new jobs. As declared by the company’s managers, the factory is expected to be operational by mid 2016.

Viktor Mizo said that ODW Elektrik made the decision to invest in Macedonia in a short period of time, from Dec. 2013 to Apr. 2014. The meeting between Macedonia’s Government team and the company’s officials in February of last year in Stuttgart was a large contributor to this result. Ten days after the meeting, a company delegation visited Macedonia.

The ODW factory is expected tobe similar to the one in the Ukraine. Construction of the factory will begin in two weeks, and it is expected to become operational by the middle of next summer, Mizo said.