Representatives of Qatari state companies are visiting Macedonia to review possibilities for their investments in the country. The first investment is to be realized in opening of gas stations across Macedonia, Head of of the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones Victor Mizo told reporters after the meeting of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski with the visiting Qatari delegation.

Representatives of the ‘Qatar Fuel’ visited Macedonia and its potentials to that effect few years ago and made greatest progress in analysing the local market, Mizo said. The company is also interested in providing fuel depot for serving the entire Balkan market, he added.

This meeting also reviewed the possibilities for Qatari investments in food production, processing of fruit and vegetables, as well as mutton meat for the markets of Mid-East countries.

In early April, Macedonian delegation, led by PM Gruevski, visited Doha to promote the opportunities for investing in Macedonia to Qatari companies.

Mizo said that talks tackled the possibility for ‘Qatar Holding’, ‘Qatar Petroleum’ and ‘Qatar Water and Electricity’ to invest in state-operated power generator company ELEM. In this respect Mizo said that the Qatari companies were reviewing ELEM’s financial results and technical potentials.

Macedonia is planning to sell 49% of ELEM, which may bring up to EUR1,2 billion, that will be used for construction of energy facilities that will meet the interests of both the country and the investor, Mizo said.

Tomorrow, the Qatari delegation will tour Macedonia, namely visit several hydro-power plants near the capital Skopje, Mizo said.