Free Zone Delcevo

The total area of the Delchevo free zone is 20.83 hectares and is located northeast of the cityof Delchevo.

The scope of the project is located on the main road that connects Kochani – Delchevo – border crossing Deve Bair with Bulgaria.

The settlements that surround the Delchevo free zone have a  total population of over 24,000 inhabitants.

Delcevo Free Zone Contact Information
Zone Contact Name:Tatjana Shuperliska, Deputy Head of Department
Zone Address:TIRZ Delcevo, 2320 Delcevo
Zone Contact Phone:+389 32 385 377
Zone Contact Fax:/
Zone Contact Email


Free Zones Authority Contact Information
Directorate Contact Name:Mr. Aleksandar Mladenovski, Chief Executive Officer
Directorate Address:Partizanski odredi 2 Blvd., P.O.Box 311, 1000 Skopje
Directorate Contact Phone:+389 2 311 11 66
Directorate Contact Fax:+389 2 311 11 77
Directorate Contact Email or


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Electricity Costs and Tariffs (EUR)Medium Voltage Users
MeasureUnitTariff time35 kV20 kV or 10 kV
or 6 kV



Most of the telecommunication companies present on the Macedonian market are offering services in the Delcevo free zone.
The operators provide the flowing services:

  • Voice services
  • Data services
  • Internet
  • Additional services