The growth in the number of employment and export in TIDZ continues, shows the Directorate’s regular monthly analysis. As of May, the number of jobs reached almost 16,900. That is 15 percent more than May 2022, i.e., 21 percent and 25 percent more compared to May 2021, i.e., 2020, the analysis shows. Almost 700 of our citizens are employed in TIDZ companies at the beginning of the year.

The growth of export continues, reaching 1,601 billion euros as of May. It is 13% higher compared to the first five months of 2022, i.e. 22% more compared to the same period in 2021. Only in May, the companies in TIDZ realized sales of 373 million euros, which is the highest level since the beginning of the year and the highest level of export compared to the month of May in the past four years.

And imports in the first five months of this year reached over 1,300 billion euros, which is 2% more than the same period last year and is the same as in 2021. Only in May of this year, the companies in TIDZ imported 285 million euros, which is almost the same as in May 2022 and is 14 percent more compared to May 2021.

Due to such economic developments, the positive growth trend of net exports continues, which as of May is 22.91%.

The trends are expected to continue, considering that in the last two and a half years, contracts with a total volume of more than 850 million euros have been reached in TIDZ and they should bring more than 8,000 new jobs.