Director of TIDZ Jovan Despotovski had a meeting with the Federal Minister for European Affairs, International Affairs and Media of the province of North Rhine-Westphalia, Nathanael Liminski, who led the economic delegation from the largest German province visiting the country.

Despotovski presented to the German businessmen the opportunities and advantages for investments in the country with a focus on green technologies, renewable energy sources and advanced technologies.

“Germany is our biggest partner and the biggest investor in technological development zones with the largest greenfield investment in the country so far of almost 200 million euros by the German pharmaceutical company Geressheimer. With the new smart approach, we managed to establish ourselves high on the investment destination map and we are already ‘competing’ with EU member states. I believe that this is a motive, that soon more German companies will become part of our family”, said Despotovski.

The director of TIDZ emphasized that the advantage of North Macedonia as a small country is that it recognizes the needs of investors and offers a flexible approach. He also pointed out that a key asset in attracting foreign investments in the context of global developments is the stability guaranteed by NATO membership, as well as the predictable business climate, access to quality infrastructure and efficient public services.

Minister Liminski emphasized that the economic cooperation and partnership between N.Macedonia and FR Germany brings added value especially for young people in the country through the opportunity to work in German companies in the Zones, some of which are North Rhine Westphalia. Liminski added that this meeting is a good exchange of lessons learned on the way to the EU. At the meeting, opportunities for cooperation and exchange of experiences regarding investment activities in both countries were discussed. Some of the companies have already expressed interest in more specific cooperation.