Over 17,000 employees in the Zones, agreements reached for investments of over 280 million euros, including the largest greenfield investment since the independence of the state of 205 million euros with the Taiwanese electric giant Yageo are the key achievements and effects of the operation of TIDZ  in the first six months of the year.

“We exceeded the number of 17,000 employees in the Zones. We have over 800 new jobs since the beginning of the year alone. This is primarily due to the increased dynamics of employment, that is, to the hiring of people who are being realized due to the new contracts that have been signed in the past years. I expect this trend to continue until the end of the year,” said Jovan Despotovski, Director of TIDZ  at today’s presentation of the results of the Directorate’s operations in the first 6 months of 2023. TIDZ’s analysis shows that the number of employees in the first half of this year in the companies is higher by five percent, while compared to June last year an increase of 14% was registered.

Despotovski stressed that the steady growth of exports continues.

“The data is encouraging and it supports our expectations that growth will continue.” Exports in the first six months reached nearly 2 billion euros, which represents an increase of 12% compared to the same period last year. “My expectations are that this year we will reach close to 4 billion euros in exports because part of the facilities with which we signed contracts last year will start production and exports will maintain a stable growth trend,” said Despotovski.

The analysis shows a slight drop in imports of three percent, which in turn affects the increase in net exports. As of June this year, net export is 24%, which is the highest level ever.

“Because of these figures and because of the increased growth of jobs, the payments from TIDZ  companies in the name of contributions alone are over 25 million euros. If this trend continues, I expect that by the end of the year, the companies will be around 100 million euros based on contributions, personal tax and profit tax, which far exceeds what the state pays,” said Despotovski.

The director of TIDZ  added that since the beginning of the year, agreements of over 280 million euros have been reached, which in the next ten years should bring over 4,600 jobs, as well as over 90 million euros in the budget only on the basis of contributions. Also in the final stage of negotiations are 4 new investments with a volume of over 150 million euros.

Despotovski also expects an acceleration of the necessary reforms, that is, the adoption of the legal amendments for TIDZ  and Industrial Zones, as well as the institutional reform, that is, the integration of the Agency for Foreign Investments into TIDZ, which will actually create one point for investors.

TIDZ  is also starting a campaign for the promotion of European jobs at home, which is specifically aimed at young people.

“The aim is to encourage more interest in the jobs opening up in the zones by sharing positive examples of people already working.” Let’s bring the story closer to the fact that everything they receive as salary, working conditions, etc. in Western countries, they can also receive at home. This is one contribution within the framework of the Government’s future efforts, if not to prevent it, at least to mitigate the trend of emigration,” emphasized Despotovski.

Regarding the current political situation and the impact on investors, Despotovski pointed out that “we should not be hostages to the political processes in the country. We are waiting and hoping that the constitutional amendments will be successfully implemented. The country, especially in the eyes of foreign big investors, is a stable and safe country, which is very important. Bearing that in mind, let’s try together to strengthen that impression, said Despotovski.

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