The average salary in the technological-industrial development zones for the first time is above the state average, which is due to the increased number of employees and new investments, shows the initial annual analysis for 2021 of the TIDZ. The data in the analysis indicate the growth of companies profits and budget payments, and according to the figures, the positive growth trend is expected to continue this year.

“I am pleased to present the figures because before this term, we set a clear goal – through the new concept of encouraging investment to directly contribute to the growth of the standard of living of citizens. Thus, for the first time in the past 15 years, the average salary in the zones exceeded the average salary in the national economy. “The increase in salaries is due to the engagement of companies and the realization of some of the new investments,” said the director of TIDZ, Jovan Despotovski at a press conference in the Government.

He pointed out that this positive trend is due to the new concept of TIDZ and modification of the measure for job creation, which is now associated with a certain level of wages and salary increases, as well as the possibility for companies to use support for employee skills. Also in 2021, the highest level of the average number of employees in TIDZ of 13,650 was reached, which is 5% more compared to 2020. A total of 22 companies from TIDZ increased the number of employments, seven decreased, and five had the same number of employees. In terms of revenue, 24 companies recorded an increase and eight a decrease.

The analysis shows that the companies active in the TIDZ in 2021 achieved the highest level of revenue, over 156 billion denars, which is 15.6% more than in 2020, and 5% of the pre-pandemic level, and an increase in investment activities was registered. According to Despotovski, this shows that “the economy, especially in the zones, has successfully overcome the covid crisis and the global crisis in microchip supply and the energy crisis.”

Presenting the annual analysis of the economic activities in the zones, Despotovski informed that the total paid state aid for TIDZ last year was almost 732 million denars, while the total payments from companies to the Budget only on the basis of tax on salaries and allowances and social insurance amounted to almost 2 billion denars.

“The ratio of payments from companies and payments from the budget shows that companies in the zones pay from 2.7 times to 5 times more than what they receive from the budget. “We are not wasting citizens’ money, but with a homely approach and special measures together with companies we are creating a favorable business investment climate and making sure the benefits are equal for all,” said Despotovski, adding that he expects these positive trends despite global developments and economic crisis, to continue this year.
Despotovski also informed that the talks with a large Canadian company that is already present in the country are ending, and it plans to significantly expand its capacities.

“There are several new agreements this year that are in the final stage and which I expect to present soon as new investments. But we do not have any announcement of closure from the existing companies,” said the director, answering journalists questions after previously presenting the analysis of last year’s economic activities and results in the zones.
According to Despotovski, the situation with the war in Ukraine is being closely monitored and for the time being there is no need for additional state interventions in this segment. However, if the need arises, appropriate measures will be taken.