The number of employees in TIDZ continues to grow, and the monthly analysis shows that in September companies in the zones reached the highest level of exports in the last five years.

“The data that we have for the first time in the zones show that in September alone, we have exports of almost 500 million euros, which is the highest level ever, and a net export of 13%. At the same time, this year alone we have a 12% increase in employees, that is, from January to now, 1,600 of our fellow citizens have been employed in these companies. These are not just numbers and statistics, but real effects of the new concept of TIDZ, which focuses on investments that bring added value and the good business climate in the country,” said Jovan Despotovski, director of TIDZ, at today’s press briefing.

In September alone, more than 300 new jobs were opened in the companies in the zones, with which the total number of employees grew and reached 15,600.

The positive growth trend since the beginning of the year continues in terms of exports and imports. As of September, exports from TIDZ have grown and exceeded 2.78 billion euros, which is the highest level in the last four years compared to the same period. Exports from January to September are 34% higher compared to the same period in 2021.

The third quarter of this year with over 1 billion euros in exports is also the highest quarter in the last 5 years. That’s up nearly 53% from the third quarter of 2021.

From January to September 2022, imports of 2.46 billion euros were registered, which is the highest level compared to the same period in the past four years. This is 11% more compared to the first nine months of 2021. Imports by companies in TIDZ in September are the highest ever for a month, with 349 million euros, which is 84% ​​higher than the same month last year. As of September, the net export is 12.5%.

Despotovski also announced new measures for companies in dealing with the consequences of the energy crisis and their requests for the use of photovoltaics. TIDZ has already made changes in the procedures that allow companies to install photovoltaics on roof surfaces, and they can use the produced electricity exclusively for their own needs. TIDZ also simplified the approval procedure for installing photovoltaics, which is now shortened to a maximum of five days. Despotovski pointed out that the ODV factory in Struga already used this measure and in less than three months installed its own photovoltaic plant. Despotovski announced that TIDZ is also working on new measures which, among other things, will enable a part of the produced electricity from renewable sources to be returned to the ESM system at prices significantly lower than market prices. Domestic companies and citizens are expected to benefit from these measures. More details will be presented next week.