TIDZ and the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia launched a new concept and cooperation under the motto “Future begins home”, which promotes young visionaries, creators, drivers of future changes. The goal of the initiative is to create a platform through which already successful young people will motivate young people. The young people who are part of the project are successful people from different fields – from domestic companies, from companies in TIDZ, as well as high school students and students.

In their addresses, the president of the state Stevo Pendarovski and the director of TIDZ Jovan Despotovski emphasized that the goal of the project is to inspire and encourage current and future youth to build careers in the country, to show and motivate with their own examples that the future can begin at home.

Pendarovski said that the state needs young people, but that both the state and the real sector must provide them with the best conditions to really build their careers here.

– If you build your future here, it will be important for the country, for the local community of which you are a part, but also for your parents and loved ones. To be honest, that’s my hope as a parent too. I encourage each of you to be an active participant in this initiative, accept the opportunity to be drivers of change, contribute to the progress of the country and shape your own future, said Pendarovski.

“Our goal is to keep young people in this country,” said Despotovski and pointed out that the goal is not to talk about politics, but to support young people to talk about themselves and their successes, as motivation for all young people.

“A dear friend told me what he associates TIDZ with: You are transparent. You have initiative. You have revolutionary ideas. And most importantly – you do everything together. Here we are together with the Economic Chamber, with the president, with representatives of successful Macedonian companies, the employees and interns at TIDZ, the participants of two world Olympiads. The purpose of the campaign is not to talk about politics, nor about ourselves. The goal is for young people to speak for young people. The campaign starts now and will not end – it will last until we reach the goal, which is not when we stop the trend of displacement, but when we return the last person who moved out,” said Despotovski.

He added that “the goal we set for ourselves in TIDZ several years ago for European jobs, well-paid jobs, we want to expand to society.”

“I expect all other institutions and partners to get involved and continue together with us in the realization of a common goal, to reduce the trend of emigration, to convince young people that the future begins at home.” I am a father of three children and I want my children’s future to really start at home, and it does start at home. It should be all children in this country. We all continue forward together,” said Despotovski

One representative from the nominees from the lists of the Economic Chamber and TIDZ addressed the promotion of the project – Andreja Serafimovski from AD Granit Skopje and Nikolija Zlatevska, a student at the “Vasil Antevski-Dren” high school in Skopje.

“This nomination gives me hope that something in our country is worth it and that you should care and achieve and someone will give you recognition without asking for it, and that is a rare opportunity. It’s worth trying and it’s worth staying in our country,” Serafimovski said.

High school student Zlatevska thanked for the nomination for “driver of change” and said that it is a great responsibility for her.

“I stand here with immense gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility as a nominee for ‘Driver of Change.’ So far as an intern, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible potential that lies within the domain of progress. TIDZ, as a catalyst for change, has provided me with an environment that nurtures creativity and encourages bold ideas. It is a privilege to be part of an institution that understands the importance of empowering the next generation, unwavering in its support and mentoring of young talent,” said Zlatevska.

Otherwise, within the framework of the project, ten young people have been nominated as “drivers of change” by TIDZ and the President, and ten have been nominated by the Economic Chamber. These are examples of people who are successfully building careers, starting or inheriting businesses. In addition to them, this first list of nominees will contain 12 more, to reach a total of 32 young people, which will symbolize 32 years of the country’s independence and its future growth and development. Those 12 will be nominated by the public – citizens will be able to propose someone they know who they think deserves to be on the “local hero, inspiring educator, innovative entrepreneur” list through the created website of the project (idninadoma.mk) until January 10, 2024. or a passionate activist.”