The German pharmaceutical company “Gerresheimer” opens a new factory in TIDZ Skopje 2 in which it will invest over 126 million euros, which is a record amount of investment since the establishment of the Technological-Industrial Development Zones (TIDZ).

The decision for the investment of the company was announced by the vice-president of “Gerresheimer”, Oliver Burgel at the meeting with the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and the director of TIDZ, Jovan Despotovski.

Prime Minister Kovacevski expressed satisfaction with the decision of the company ” Gerresheimer” to invest in Northern Macedonia, which is a confirmation of the government’s economic policies and the positive investment climate in the country. Additionally, Prime Minister Kovacevski stressed that new investments and employment in conditions of global crisis are of great importance for improving the standard of living and economic development. In this regard, the Prime Minister pointed out that the Government strongly supports dual education for career development of young people, as well as appropriate training programs in order to produce qualified staff for the needs of companies.

Prime Minister Kovacevski stressed the importance of German investors in the country, as well as the record increased trade between Northern Macedonia and Germany. The Prime Minister underlined that the Government continues to create a business environment for business development through regional initiatives, such as “Open Balkans”, as well as regular communication with the Chambers of Commerce for companies to have a predictable business environment and be able to plan long-term investment cycles.

The director of TIDZ, Despotovski emphasized that with this North Macedonia enters the map of countries that have the capacity and conditions for seriously large high quality investments from which there is a direct benefit for the citizens and the state. He added that this is due to the new concept of TIDZ which is based on recognizing the needs of investors and a flexible approach. He also stressed that a key asset in attracting foreign investment in the context of global developments is the stability guaranteed by NATO membership.

At the meeting, the Vice President of Gerresheimer, Burgel, stressed that North Macedonia has an excellent climate for business. Access to quality infrastructure, adequate skilled workforce and good work practices were key to the decision for this large investment, said the management of the company “Gerresheimer”.

The new factory of the pharmaceutical giant “Gerresheimer” with high-advanced technology will produce specialized medical glass products and vaccine syringes, etc.. It is planned to create over 180 new jobs with an average salary twice above the state average. The beginning of the construction is planned in the third quarter of 2022, while the serial production should start in 2024.

“Gerresheimer” in TIDZ 2 has already realized the first project for production of technological products for the pharmaceutical industry. The initial investment of 25 million has already been increased to over 60 million euros.

With the successful realization of the two projects of “Gerresheimer”, North Macedonia will grow into one of the most attractive investment destinations of the company for all future plans to expand its activities in Europe.

Gerresheimer is a leading global partner in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry that produces specialized medical glass and plastic products, such as syringes, cannulas, vaccine vials, etc.. The company has production facilities in over 36 locations in Europe, North and South America and Asia with around 10,000 employees and generates revenues of approximately 1.4 billion euros.