Eight students from the secondary school “Vasil Antevski-Dren” in Skopje will have the opportunity to gain practical skills and experience in various sectors of the TIDZ .

The director of TIDZ  Jovan Despotovski and the director of the secondary vocational school “Vasil Antevski-Dren”-Skopje, Tanja Jovanovska, signed a memorandum today marking the beginning of this new cooperation.

“Young talents are our biggest capital and the investment in their education and skills development is an investment in a better future for them at home. It is crucial for us that we can be a part of their educational and professional growth, and we are sure that this cooperation will bring many success stories and perspectives both for them and for the entire country,” said Despotovski.

In that direction, Jovanovska added: “Today we had an exceptional opportunity and honor to be part of the TIDZ  program to connect and encourage young talented people who want to share their theoretical knowledge in the business sector.” I hope that during the entire school year, our students will be able to adequately answer the tasks and be possibly recruited by some companies where during the summer vacation, and further in the professional development, they will find their place under the sun.”

During the school year, among other things, students will have the opportunity to attend internships in the Directorate of TIDZ  and in some of the zones, where they will work under the mentorship of trained employees. This practice offers them the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in real work environments, as well as to develop practical skills with applicable value in the labor market.

This collaboration is part of the broad initiative “The Future Begins at Home” to support young people.

For the past two and a half years, TIDZ  has been successfully implementing internship programs for students, which have involved more than 20 students from various universities and colleges in the country.

TIDZ  also launched a campaign for the presentation of employment opportunities in companies in the Zones. The goal is the promotion and encouragement of professions and new jobs with added value, which bring higher wages for every employee, especially for young people, and opportunities to work at home according to European standards.

Within the framework of this initiative, TIDZ  has already provided significant support to the teams of young mathematicians and physicists who this year represented our country at the world’s largest mathematics and physics Olympiads in Tokyo. They returned with their first gold after 30 years in mathematics, as well as two bronzes in physics.