The new technological industrial zone Skopje 3 will become the first high-tech zone that will focus on advanced technologies and will function as a Public Private Partnership. The director of TIDZ, Jovan Despotovski, at today’s presentation of the feasibility study said that the new technological industrial development zone will offer a new concept of operation.

The goal, and the study showed that, is to generate investments over 850 million euros in the next ten years and of course to bring companies or develop companies that will focus exclusively on high technologies. The goal is not only to generate high-paying jobs for the people who will be hired there, and it is about 4.5 to 5.5 thousand young people who are expected to be hired within these facilities, but to generate income for all our fellow citizens through budget payments. The added value of the project itself is that it should move us forward,” said Despotovski.

He added that the purpose of the new technological industrial development zone is on an area of ​​approximately 45 hectares near the capital to use wisely the resources available to the state.

“We are a small country with limited resources. Capital is not a limited resource, people are a limited resource and that is why through such projects we open opportunities for young people. Intellectual potential is what can move a country forward. This is just an introduction to the big story. “This concept opens a new chapter, ie a new story in the economic development of our country, with an exclusive focus on high advanced technologies”, said Despotovski.

Despotovski stressed the need for cooperation with the Academic Community in the implementation of this project and connection with the project for Science and Technology Park that began in 2019 which should encourage scientific research in the service of companies.

The Public Private Partnership Agreement for this zone should be realized during 2023. The feasibility study will be submitted to the Government, after which the realization of the process will begin.

To download the presentation, click here.