The Belgian company “Avesta Battery and Energy Engineering” (ABEE) will build a factory for the production of electric batteries for cars in  TIDZ Kichevo. The total investment will amount to 40 million euros, and 600 new jobs will be created.

The agreement for the realization of the investment was signed today in Brussels by the director of the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones, Jovan Despotovski, and the owner and general director of ABEE, Neshin Omar.

Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi also attended the contract signing ceremony.

The Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi congratulated the management of  TIDZ for successfully completed work in the area of attracting new investments.

“The government passed new legislation for investments in the country that is predictable for investors, especially in the area of introducing new technologies for electric vehicles, which is a trend in the world. What is important to say about this investment of the ABEE company is that it will be realized in the Kicevo zone and 600 jobs will be created in all phases. This will mean a reduction in migration and the opening of new highly qualified and highly paid jobs not only for the local population but also for the entire country,” said Minister Bekteshi.

The minister emphasized that it is also of great importance that the staff who will be employed at the factory in Kichevo will go through a training process for the introduction of new technologies and the application of high-tech work processes that will be implemented in the ABEE factory in Kichevo .

“We are not stopping here, negotiations for new investments in the country are in the final stage, which will mean new jobs and development of the entire economy,” said Bekteshi.

The director of  TIDZ, Jovan Despotovski, expressed his satisfaction for signing a contract with a company that is active in the 21st century industry of electric vehicles.

“It is a fast-growing company that invests in advanced technologies. The overall plan is an investment of 40 million euros and 600 jobs. The average gross salary will be 1500 euros. What makes me especially happy is that the average age of employees in this company is now 30 to 35 years old and they come from 23 nationalities. The company attracts talents from all over the world and I believe that the factory in Macedonia will become a hub that will attract such talents, especially young people.

With this we open a new chapter. We carry investments that not only bring higher added value but are also fast growing. With this, we put Macedonia not only on the map of countries that have the capacity for large investments, but also for investments of the 21st century,” said Despotovski.

The owner and general director of ABEE, Noshin Omar, said that he is delighted to enter into this partnership with North Macedonia.

“This project represents a key turning point in ABEE’s expansion strategy and is a confirmation of our commitment to finding technological innovations and solutions for energy sustainability. We are convinced that this factory will contribute to the economic growth of North Macedonia and will further strengthen ABEE’s position as a global leader in the battery management systems industry,” said Omar.

“Avesta Batteries and Energy Engineering” in  TIDZ Kichevo will focus on development and production of Battery Management Systems (BMS) and power electronics systems. Production is planned to start in 2024, and the company’s production capacity will be 300,000 units per year. Additionally, this company plans to develop a new range of products that will expand ABEE’s product portfolio.

“Avesta Batteries and Energy Engineering”, is an engineering company specialized in finding advanced innovative solutions for batteries and battery systems for automotive and stationary applications.