The Director of TIDZ Jovan Despotovski and the President of the Japanese Foreign Trade Organization JETRO agreed on three new initiatives for economic growth, based on cooperation between the Macedonian and Japanese economy and companies.

“JETRO has a network that covers over 2 million Japanese small and medium-sized companies and offers them various investment support instruments. We have already agreed on cooperation not only in the area of attracting Japanese investors but also in back-end projects between companies from the two countries, especially in the IT sector, energy and construction in the restoration of Ukraine, as well as direct support for Macedonian startups,” said Despotovski after the meeting.

The President of JETRO Nobutani expressed his full readiness to support TIDZ and the Government of N.Macedonia and his personal commitment to the accelerated implementation of new initiatives for enhanced economic growth.

Despotovski also had a meeting with the governor of the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Nobumitsu Hayashi, with whom they agreed to support potential joint projects of Macedonian and Japanese construction companies within the framework of the reconstruction of Ukraine. Governor Hayashi expressed readiness to support such investments.

“We talked with the governor about specific initiatives. The support from a bank like the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation opens up a significant potential for the involvement of Macedonian companies in international projects,” said Despotovski.

Despotovski is on a several-day working visit to Japan, organized in cooperation with the Japanese Embassy in North Macedonia. The goal is the presentation of investment opportunities in our country. Despotovski had meetings with several of the largest chambers of commerce, business associations, companies and state institutions of this country.