The number of new jobs created this year in technological industrial development zones (TIDZ) in the country reached over 1,100. The Directorate for TIDZ announces equal opportunities for domestic and foreign investors with the amendments to the Law on Industrial Zones, which are in the final stage.

– In addition to the constant growth of exports, of the economy inside the zones themselves, we have an increase in jobs. The latest data as of August show that during this year we have more than 1100 new jobs created within the zones. This means that the trend that we started two to 2.5 years ago is steadily moving forward, declared for МIА Jovan Despotovski, director of DTIDZ.

Despotovski, who was on a working visit to Germany with a government delegation, on the occasion of the agreement with the German company BMZ for a new investment in TIDZ Skopje 2 and a business forum with German businessmen, also pointed out the importance of the application of skills development programs.

– In the talks here in Frankfurt, our approach proved to be correct, that it should be pointed out to the interest of the institutions and the state that wages must continue to grow and this is not a problem for German companies and investors. Skills development programs were pointed out as the most important, said Despotovski.

In addition to activities related to dual education and support programs for companies, since a few months ago, the Directorate for TIDZ, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, has been working on special programs to support and encourage skills among different categories of the younger population, high school students, graduates.

– It is about encouraging the development of critical thinking and skills. In the first two programs, we had two groups of younger fellow citizens who successfully participated in two Olympics in Japan, and the company with which we signed an agreement in Frankfurt yesterday is the first to undertake a formal commitment to finance those programs in the future. We will make a call to all our other existing and new investors to actively get involved in these programs and help in the development of that segment, said Despotovski.

The reform package for the zones also includes the amendments to the Law on Industrial Zones that are already in the final phase, which, according to him, create equal opportunities for both domestic and foreign companies.

– The idea is that all domestic companies that already operate within the zones that are “under the hood” of the municipalities get the opportunity within the framework of the new law to enjoy the benefits of modern infrastructure, but also more efficient public conditions provided by the Directorate. All industrial zones, which function within the municipalities, all the so-called zones that do not have a formal legal status will be able to enter the framework of the TIDZ system. This means that as an institution of the central government, we will make all our knowledge and capacity available. We will be able to invest directly in the development of access to energy, in all programs related to the development of human resources. State support will be there for them, said Despotovski.

Consultations with key institutions are being finalized for the legal amendments, and Despotovski expects the Ministry to present them to the Government in the next few weeks.