TIDZ and the Chamber of Commerce presented the first generation of ambassadors within the project “The future begins at Home”. 32 young successful and inspiring people from different fields were chosen together with the public, TIDZ, and the Chamber of Commerce. The number of 32 young people, ambassadors of “The Future begins at home” symbolizes 32 years since the independence of Macedonia, who through their example contributed to its future growth and development.

Among the ambassadors of “The Future Begins at home” are the actress Darja Rizova, the nine-year-old mathematician genius Makedon Dimitrievski, the pianist Dino Imeri, Borce Stamenov from the “Donate a Computer” initiative, the teacher Vesela Bogdanović, the only Macedonian winner of the global award “50 best educators in the world”, the Olympian Dejan Georgievski, as well as businessmen, professors, civil activists, cultural workers, students, and high school students.

In their messages, the president of the country Stevo Pendarovski, and the director of TIDZ Jovan Despotovski emphasized that these people and many more like them should receive the attention of the public as an example for future leaders who will move the country forward.

“The political leaders create a framework, but these people move the country forward.” Young quality people should be given visibility. We need leaders in the digital sphere, people who fight for human rights, for people with special needs, for a healthy environment,… On one occasion I said and now I will repeat the same, the biggest threat to the country is demography, the emigration of young people. We have smart children, they must push forward”, pointed out president Pendarovski and added:

“We have super quality people that should get visibility, and we all must learn from them. We need to push the country forward with our minds. Young people are behind every social change. “We, the older ones, can help with suggestions, but they pull forward,” Pendarovski pointed out.

The director of TIDZ, Jovan Despotovski, pointed out that this is only the first phase of the project and announced the continuation of concrete initiatives for young people. He also added that when it comes to the future of the country, especially for the young people. Quality people, the matrix must be non-partisan.

“We are completing the first phase of this initiative. In the last two months, we made it possible for 32 young people, each successful in their field, and their success stories to be heard. What makes me happy is that we managed to reach their message to over 1.5 million of our fellow citizens. So, if we manage to encourage at least some of them to think through these positive examples and realize that the future begins at home, then we have achieved great success.

The positive response from the public forces us to continue. The next phase is a project, the formation of a platform, organization, or similar. To organize this critical mass of successful people who are not politicians, and who, with their specific proposals, initiatives, and measures, will be imposed as a voice in a society that will work for positive changes in all spheres that affect the citizens, and especially young, “said Despotovski and added that “actually, these are the people who should be news, political news should not always be dominant”.

TIDZ and the Chamber of Commerce launched the concept “The future begins at home” in December 2023. The goal of the initiative is to create a platform through which these successful young people will motivate the young and also contribute to the creation of policies and initiatives intended to support the young people in the country.