The Directorate for TIDZ strongly reacts to the allegations of misuse of public funds for the project e.Go. Not even 1 denar of public money has been paid to this company. We have demonstrated that we have clear procedures and the capacity to protect the public interest and assets.

The political party VMRO DPMNE threw today public suspicion on the procedures and capacities for the realization of state aid, which affect not only one but over 40 contracts implemented by the Directorate for TIDZ. With this, an immediate blow is made not only on the reputation of the companies in TIDZ, but also on the standard of living of nearly 20,000 of our fellow citizens who are directly engaged in these companies.

In the interest of immediately clearing up these doubts and accusations and reducing the damage to people and these companies, we publicly invite the political party VMRO DPMNE immediately and without delay to come and inspect the entire documentation of the project and find even 1 denar public money paid to the company.

If it is determined that such funds have not been paid, we expect the political party to issue a public apology for the damaged reputation to all companies that use support from the state and employ close to 20,000 of our fellow citizens and that, in 2023 alone, paid at least 75 million euros in liabilities to the state budget.

In the entire past period, the Directorate for TIDZ informs the public in a timely and transparent manner about all issues related to the e.Go project for electric vehicles in Tetovo.

In particular, during the signing of the contract, all the details of the support from the state were presented, and a full insight into the contract was given to all interested media who contacted the Directorate. At no point has our response to questions related to the project been rejected or redirected to another institution. This, although the Directorate for TIDZ is one part of several other institutions, which also have their own place and role in the implementation of the project.

Considering the above, we consider the views expressed in the announcement of the political party VMRO DPMNE about some kind of concealment of the agreement and non-transparency to be a remnant of the behavior matrix of the institutions from a bygone era.