Companies in technological – industrial development zones paid 35% more funds to the State Budget in 2022 compared to 2021, shows the annual analysis of TIDZ. The data in the analysis made on the basis of the final accounts of the companies shows the growth of the profits of the companies, as well as an increasing trend of salary growth compared to the national average.

“We have a serious increase in payments to the budget by companies. Only on the basis of salary contributions, we have 35% increased payments, that is, over 750 million denars more in the budget in 2022 compared to 2021. This is primarily due to the increased growth in jobs of over 17% and the increased dynamics of wage growth. I am particularly pleased that the growth dynamics of net wages in the zones exceeds the growth dynamics of net wages in the state, where we have registered a growth of at least 13%,” said Jovan Despotovski, director of TIDZ, who presented the results of the annual analysis.

“We achieved the goal we set in terms of salaries, but if you ask me if it is enough, I will say no.” We always need to work further in this field to ensure better living conditions for those already almost 17,000 citizens who work in the zones,” Despotovski stressed.

It is particularly positive that the analysis also shows that the growth of revenues and profits of companies continues. In 2022, the companies in TIDZ achieved a level of net profit 10% higher compared to the previous year, part of which is also included in the Budget.

“For 1 euro paid by the state, the companies return at least 4 euros back to the budget. Despite the increase in salaries and higher prices for repromaterials, companies are making profits, which means that the economy, especially in the Zones, is successfully overcoming global economic crises. These numbers are proof that with a household approach and special measures we are creating a favorable business climate from which everyone benefits – both companies, citizens and the state,” Despotovski said.

Despotovski announced that by the end of June, contracts will be concluded with three more companies for investments of over 150 million euros, as well as that in the following weeks the first large Macedonian company will be presented in the Zones. Despotovski pointed out that this is the beginning of a new development investment concept with a focus on the domestic economy and Macedonian companies.

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