TIDZ: 500 NEW JOBS IN 2023

The number of employees in TIDZ in April recorded growth again and reached 16,700. This is 15% more than April 2022, i.e. 20% more than 2021, according to the Directorate’s regular monthly analysis. Since the beginning of this year alone, almost 500 of our fellow citizens have been employed in the companies in TIDZ.

The growth of exports continues, which as of April reached 1,230 billion euros. Only in April, the companies in TIDZ realized exports of 277 million euros, which is 12% compared to April last year. And the import in the first four months of the year reached over 1 billion euros. 250 million euros of imports were realized by the companies in TIDZ only in April, which is on the same level as April 2022.

Due to these economic trends, the positive growth trend in net exports continues, which as of April is 20.5%.

Otherwise, the annual analysis of TIDZ showed that the companies in the Zones paid 35% more funds to the State Budget in 2022 compared to 2021. That is, for 1 euro paid by the state, the companies return at least 4 euros back to the budget. The data in the analysis made on the basis of the final accounts from the companies also shows that they achieved a level of net profit 10% higher compared to the previous year, part of which also enters the Budget. The users of TIDZ register an increase in the net salary of at least 13% compared to 2022, which is higher than the growth of the net salary in the national economy.