The director of TIDZ, Jovan Despotovski, met with one of the founders of the international non-governmental organization Macedonia 2025, Mike Zafirovski, president of the Zaf group, and board members Nikica Mojsovska Blazhevski, executive director of MK2025, Zivko Mukaetov, executive director and chairman of the Board of Directors in Alkaloid and Viktor Mizo, director of Kostal Macedonia. The purpose of the meeting was to promote cooperation in the area of encouraging and attracting foreign investments in the country and mobilization of support from the established members of the organization in global business frameworks. At the meeting, specific opportunities for cooperation and exchange of experiences regarding investment activities were discussed.

Despotovski thanked them for the contribution of Macedonia 2025 so far to the support and promotion of the country as an investment destination. The director of TIDZ, among other things, presented the new concept for encouraging investments and the opportunities for foreign investors with a focus on advanced technologies. He emphasized that the advantage of North Macedonia as a small country is that it focuses more closely on the real needs of investors and creates appropriate support.

Zafirovski emphasized that as an organization they are generally ready to help, and that it is important to have strong domestic companies, but also foreign investments and a clear vision for growth as the main priority.

The main mission of the international non-governmental organization Macedonia 2025 is the creation and promotion of a dynamic platform for sharing knowledge in the field of business, economy, technology, leadership and innovation, in the direction of encouraging economic development and sustainability.