The multinational leading company for outsourcing services EMAPTA will open a business space of 6,000 square meters in TIDZ Skopje 1 and plans to employ 850 young people in the next five years or over 2500 in a decade. By the end of the investment period, the company will invest over 15 million euros per year just for salaries.

As pointed out by Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski and the director of TIDZ Jovan Despotovski, who today, at a meeting with journalists, promoted the investment, this opens a completely new profile of investors and investments where high-paying jobs and opportunities for young people are a key element of the investment.

Prime Minister Kovacevski emphasized that the fact that its network extends throughout Europe, South America and with a strong global presence in Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, New Zealand and others, with a portfolio of 730 companies, speaks volumes for the profile of this company. customers and 7,600 employees worldwide.

“With the expansion of EMAPTA in the country and their investment in TIDZ Skopje 1, we are introducing a new approach to diversification of investments and expansion to service activities. Through EMAPTA, our young people will work for world-class companies, they will become part of global trends. They will work locally, but they will operate globally. With that, North Macedonia also becomes part of the world’s globalization trends, emphasizes Kovacevski. EMAPTA provides quality workforce for its clients globally,” said Prime Minister Kovacevski.

The Prime Minister added that he is “proud of the successes we achieved last year and I hope that they will be an incentive for us to be even better and more successful this year and to move the country forward as quickly as possible towards achieving our goal – entry into the EU.” We are here to wrap up a fruitful year with record results and to announce another, first investment in the new year, which will not only enrich the business environment, but also strengthen even more the image of our country as a country with a favorable business climate for investments.”

The director of TIDZ, Despotovski emphasized that with this investment, we show in practice that we are oriented towards investments that bring direct benefits to citizens, especially young people.

“We are opening the year just like last year, with the announcement of a new foreign investment. The company Emapta opens the possibility of employment for over 850 young people from Macedonia who will be here, earn good salaries and plan their family and future here, while working for global companies. That’s the model and concept we’re starting this year with.

At the very beginning of the mandate of this Government, we announced a focus on jobs and a focus on salaries, and that is what is important for the citizens. The numbers are not important, although we have a lot to brag about here. These 30 young people who already work in Emapta are part of those 1600 who in the past 12 months got the opportunity to realize one of the basic human rights, the right to a good income for a good life within the Zones. In the past 3 years that number is more than 5000, in the past 7 that number is more than 12 thousand. And if anyone has any doubts about the performance of this political set, in the area of foreign investments, there should not be, because 12,000 new jobs have been created in the last 6 years – that is 3 times more than what we found in 2016. Additionally, the average gross salary in November exceeded MKD 60,000,” Despotovski said.

He also added that it is with Emapta that one of the measures is created to encourage the increase in salary growth. “The company will receive support from the state through a grant for the creation of new jobs, in the amount of 3250 euros per job, provided that the salary that will be paid to these young people is 50% above the state average. This means that the company will receive funds from the state for each net salary that will be higher than 1000 euros per month. This is one of the ways we encourage the strengthening of wage growth,” explained Despotovski.

“North Macedonia’s geographic location within the Balkans, together with its energetic English-speaking workforce, positions it as an ideal location for Emapta’s expansion. In collaboration with our 680+ valued global partners, Emapta promises to create over 2,000 employment opportunities for US citizens. Macedonia in the next decade. These jobs will offer competitive salaries, and bonuses, encouraging individuals to advance within the country’s borders. Currently, EMAPTA is hiring 19 new candidates, and recruitment initiatives are underway,” said Inge Zvick, director of EMAPTA Macedonia.

The promotion was also attended by some of the young people who already work in EMAPTA, who shared their experiences. 23-year-old Viktor Nankovski is an IT specialist who has recently been working in the company:

“I studied informatics in Slovenia, from where I returned and looked for an opportunity to work for a foreign company, but here at home. Emapta was the perfect opportunity for that and I’m really happy at the moment, especially since I also see opportunities for progress.”

25-year-old Sara Panova has been with the company since its foundation in the country.

“Thank you for the invitation to be present here today, to present the new foreign investment, which is a great opportunity for young people, for ambitious people, for all those who want to work in a working environment like abroad, but still from home in domestic conditions with foreign salaries. I hope as many young people as possible will join us,” Sara said.

In the country, Emapta focuses on collaboration with talents in various domains, including sales, marketing, IT positions, and also offers a specialized training program for IT software engineers tailored for recent graduates, introduced in 2023.

Founded in 2010 in Australia by the founder Tim Vorbach, the corporation operates according to a one-stop-shop concept and offers a wide range of professionals and activities in order to satisfy the various requirements and needs of client companies.

EMAPTA’s wide range of professional services and talents are aimed at key vertical markets, including IT and ICT, medicine, teleoperators and telecommunications, IoT (Internet of Things), software engineering, research and development in computer technologies, accounting, sales. EMAPTA serves a variety of leading global brands on 4 continents. In 2022, it achieved revenues of 2.8 billion dollars, with a projection of up to three billion US dollars for the coming year. According to the financial projections of EMAPTA Macedonia, by 2027, the company anticipates revenues of 14 million euros, and by the end of the investment project in 2033, revenues of 66 million euros are expected. in the country and will work for foreign clients. EMAPTA aims to expand to the entire European continent through the main headquarters here in Skopje.